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Bubbles & Soaps


Spring 2020, the start of the pandemic, Kévin Bonnamant, a young entrepreneur, is working on the opening of his boutique ''Bulles & Soaps'', a Canadian family and artisanal business - a range of products made in Quebec and Ontario.

Kévin is looking for the services of a printer who will be able to work with him to produce custom labeling for his products that matches his values and his image.


Leaving on a great relationship
complicity with the customer, our priority has been to maintain this human aspect that characterizes Bulles & Savoirs.

Our solutions :

• offer a personalized service
according to customer needs
• work together with the client
who wishes to be at the heart of
visual design process
• set up a service
support for the
graphics, grouping and
transmission of files, editing
projects, retouching,
looking for good materials
• present samples
for each project
• ensure rapid production
• maintain exchanges of ideas
for each project


To date, the company Bulles & Savons is well established in Gatineau with its 2 soap factories which have gables on the streets, Gatineau and Aylmer sectors and its online store.

Thousands of products are regularly presented on its shelves – labeling and packaging constantly renewed.

Grégoire's team has embarked on this great adventure and is proud to be able to contribute through its actions to the success of Bulles & Savons. And it's not over, Kévin Bonnamant has his head full of ideas and projects and our next challenge will be to participate!


“Great professionalism, excellent customer service and very good quality results... What more could you ask for? »
Kévin Bonnamant, owner of Bubbles & Soaps

MFI Company – Real Estate Management


In the fall of 2021, Mr. Mohamed-Rashid uses our services to develop a visual identity for his company IMF – property management in order to make his brand known in his business community.


With the collaboration of Lauréanne from our graphic design department, the logo was reworked respecting the expectations and tastes of the client, Mr. Rashid.

Under the advice of Eric from our promotional items and clothing department, a range of products was selected to allow the company to expose its brand and publicize its services._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Paper print products were developed for customer presentation.

Design, presentation of proofs, exchanges with the client, samples, final production, throughout the process the client was advised and supported in his choices and decisions.


A beautiful representation of the client's brand.

. Improvement and refreshmentof the Logo

.   business cards and boxes


.   custom polo shirts

    with company logo

.   custom pens

.   ''coroplast'' posters

imf.pens and advertising cards.mars 2022.jpg
MFI business (POLOS) March 2022.jpg
imf.coroplast.march 2022.jpg

Very satisfied with the service and the experience.  Great service and a good team.

I wish you a lot of success.

Mohamed-Rashid, owner of Entreprise IMF – Gestion Immobilière.

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