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Imprimerie Grégoire is a printing and promotional services company born from the purchase of the Maison du macaron in 1989, then of the SOS Printing in 1992, to take its current form. It offers traditional printing, photocopying, plan reproduction, large format printing and promotional items services in addition to professional advice on all aspects of promotion and printing.

OUR VALUES: Efficiency - Respect - Integrity

We work every day to exceed the expectations of our customers.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Eric Mathieu


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

After working as a computer graphics designer for more than 15 years for a printing company

in the region, Eric fulfills his dream by acquiring his own printing company.
In fact, on April 1, 2017, he became co-owner of Imprimerie Photocopie Grégoire

with his mother-in-law, Marie Marcaurelle.

His tasks: Manage submissions and production while taking care of the daily management

of the printing house.

Father of 2 adorable blondes, Eric is an athlete: a formidable opponent in tennis,

hockey and volleyball.

His cute sin: At lunch, dinner, dinner and in the evening, he is always up for a POUTINE!

Marie Marcaurelle


Marie is Eric's stepmother.
Legal and business assistant for several years, Marie retired in January
2017. In search of new challenges, she embarked on a great adventure a few months later by becoming co-owner of Imprimerie Grégoire.

She is responsible for the administrative management and social media communications of

Mother of two young adults, Marie is very involved in the world of volunteering. Since
for several years she sits as president of the Gatineau Soccer Association.

Her favorite time of the year: Halloween! You should see her in her Jack Sparrow costume!

Caroline Lalonde (3).jpg
Caroline Lalonde


Spouse of Eric Mathieu, Caroline is also part of Grégoire's team.

She is in charge of accounts receivable and other accounting functions.
If your account is overdue, you will likely receive a notification from Caro!

Mother of Lucie and Émilie, the 2 pretty blondes, Caroline is a woman of many
She can build you a kitchen island in a weekend, cook you a Cupcake worthy of great chefs or make a chicken coop with heating included in no time!

If you are looking for Caro this summer, you will surely find her in her back yard
garden in its sublime botanical garden!

Lauréanne Levert

Graphic designer

With Grégoire since 2012, Lauréanne is a loyal member of the team.
Autonomous and organized, Lauréanne brilliantly takes care of graphic design - from service to
customers - production and general planning.

She is an artist even in her spare time! Acrylic painting and craftsmanship fill its time
free. Always a project in mind or in the works, Lauréanne has been fascinated by Art since she
is very small.

Flirtatious and concerned by her image, Lauréanne has a certain penchant for sweets - the
chocolate the door to 7th heaven!


Graphic designer


Gregory's loyal friend
G like Gus
G like Gregory
G for Gutenberg, to whom we owe the invention of printing!
If you come to visit the printing press, you may come across Gus.
He loves to walk there by putting his nose everywhere.
He has a good flair for good prints and puts his stamp of quality control on them!

Nicole carpentier

Production -

customer service

In February 2022, our dear Nicole passed away.

Nicole was part of the Imprimerie Grégoire family for over 20 years.   

In addition to being a co-worker, Nicole was a friend and confidante.   

Playful, dynamic, generous and attentive to others, she was an exceptional person.   

Her departure will leave a huge void within our team and with our clients with whom she had forged close ties over the years. 


Diligent, faithful and involved, Nicole has certainly participated in the development and success of Imprimerie Grégoire for more than 2 decades and she has her place here in the history of our company.


Thank you Nicole for your dedication and for all these wonderful years spent with us. We already miss your presence and her smile and we will keep your fond memories in our hearts forever. 


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